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UX INDIA Speaker Michael_Brown

Michael Brown

Chief Design Officer at Dicks Sporting Goods, United States


I’m a husband, father, and farmer
I’m a craftsman, teacher, guru
I’m a designer, leader, student
I’ve lead design organizations at companies like: Amazon, Yahoo, SAP, and Accenture
I’ve won awards like IXDA, UXa, and the first enterprise product to ever win a RedDot
My work has been featured in Lean Startup, NFL SuperBowl 50, and major international conferences
Going forward I’m inspired to bring
*the real world
*the digital world
*new jobs we never imaged
together to create amazing stories and transform the ways we live our lives
I’m inspired by the idea of giving a parent 30 more minutes a day with their child
I’m always seeking ways to be more present in the moment.

From the death of screens rises the birth of stories

18 min TED like Talk | Category: Raising the game (Inspiring stories, case studies, etc) | Target Audience: Experience Designers, Design Thinkers, Product Owners, Sales Executives, Engineers, Leaders

25 years ago we learned the importance of good design principles in the age old tale, HCI towards the year 2000. Many years have past, some things came true, others not so much. However single portfolio screens are dead. We must tell stories with all characters, and their journeys. We must consider all the people our target audience may interact with in order to solve a problem, and those peoples motivations. We must go beyond single functional solutions which inspire to new ways of living that scare us. We have seen this thinking change the transportation industry with uber. We have seen it change the shopping industry with TrunkClub. We have seen it change the dining experience with DoorDash. This is not a talk…. this is a call to arms. A call create more stories than screens. I will also as a gift to those interested share how we move from screens to stories and how provide simple easily repeatable methods to create, share, and evaluate stories. It’s going to be fun and it may make you a better person.

Three key takeaways

  1. How is storytelling the evolution from Design Thinking & UX
  2. What is involved in storytelling and who is using it
  3. Techniques to validate ideas & experiences using storytelling

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