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4, 5 & 6 October 2018, ITC Gardenia, Bangalore

For Queries: uxindia@usabilitymatters.org | +91-8096204373 | +91-7995868248

Pioneering the design dialog & elevating the design community

Conceived, created, and curated by its community, UX INDIA has been progressively propagating best design practices for the transforming world that we live in today. The conference has been upleveling the role of design and designer in the industry through carefully crafted design deliberations.

Education, skills, influence and impact have always been cornerstones for our conference in empowering our community and in driving the cause of good design for better living. UXINDIA conference is a confluence of thoughts and ideas from the industry, academia and governance driving socio-economic impact with design at the core.

Calling for inspiring Stories, Show & Tells, and Workshops

(Talks, Workshops and Live Demos)
We are inviting inspired design practitioners, academics, tech geeks, and business leaders to submit your proposals for workshops and talks. As always, we strongly encourage you to bring your projects, case studies, stories or initiatives that showcase the influence of design at the intersections of Technology, Design, and Business.

Theme & Tracks

Being Human by Design

As the boundaries between humans and machines blur with the emergent tech, we are up for an exciting ride where the technology when designed responsibly could work beautifully. As demonstrated at recent Google I/O, assistive tech can seamlessly blend into our lives and offer great human experiences. On the flip side in a different example, Youtube autoplaying the next video within seconds backed by deep learning is eating into our sleep. This race for capturing the attention isn’t best for our well being. Going beyond UX/UI, the role of design becomes paramount than ever in designing experiences for humans that reflect sense of responsibility and that instills trust and confidence in the emerging tech. Even if the boundaries are blurring, should there be a line drawn to differentiate machines with humans? What does it take to design experiences that bring the very essence of human to our interactions with tech?

Submission tracks

We encourage speakers to orient their presentations or connect to the theme ‘Being Human by Design’. Your opinions and perspectives will help inform and influence the role of design in emergent tech as we evolve.


We are inviting different types of talks to accommodate varied insights, learnings and research. From 18 minutes TED like talks to 30 minutes case studies. We will also have (3h) and long (6h) hands on workshops.


UXINDIA is India’s biggest international conference, attracting some of the most diverse national and international audience from top Enterprises, Startups, and Academia. Leading the pack is our loyal community that contributes to the vision and mission of UXINDIA and at the same time they seek to up level themselves and grow in their careers.


June 22nd, 2018 at 11:59pm IST (Indian Standard Time): deadline for submitting the proposals for both talks and workshops.


June 25th, 2018: we will inform all talk and workshop applicants if they have been selected.

Feel free to reach out to us for any queries. Look forward to seeing you at the conference.

Track 1: Raising the game

For mid to senior folks interested in raising their game through strategic design for higher influence and deeper impact. Calling design managers, gurus, business, and tech leaders to bring inspiring stories, case studies, and customer cases that inspire our audience with what it takes to elevate design. We are looking for projects that highlight systems thinking, business design, ecosystem thinking, customer experience, social impact, inclusive design, etc.


Track 2: Experiences for Emergent Tech

For people interested in expanding their UX domain expertise to new, rich, immersive, and intelligent experiences. Calling submissions from the crusaders of design and technology to showcase experimental, innovative projects in the emerging tech areas driven by design. Projects that explore sensorial, immersive, augmented experiences and more based on emergent tech like AI, AR/VR, ML, IOT, etc.


Track 3: Design Craft with UI Focus

For entry to mid level folks passionate about the craft of UI i.e., UI designers, Visual designers, and UI developers pushing UX from being effective to delightful and to magical. This track would help learn the latest trends in UI design, prototyping, and quick coding. Calling submissions from experts in the field to showcase their UI projects, case studies, demos, UI design systems across form factors ranging from web, mobile to emergent tech.


Track 4: Design Practice & Process

This general track is aimed at projects and case studies highlighting the impact of design process, practice, and tools on business outcomes and in driving design culture org. wide. What would these established processes like design thinking and design doing mean when dealing with emergent technologies? Would they work or do we need new methods, processes, and tools in leading transformation by design?


Immersive Demo Sessions

This year we are introducing a special category to showcase innovative technology applications spanning areas like AI, AR/VR, Wearable Tech, IOT, Etc., You will have an opportunity to test your concepts, gain invaluable feedback and mesmerize our audience.


About the UX INDIA Conference

UX INDIA conference, one of UMO’s flagship programs has been launched around the turn of this millennium to drive the implementation of design in technology for a positive business and social impact. Over the years, the conference has evolved into a core platform for a progressive design dialog in India, leading way for several other conferences to follow. Along the way it has been inspiring a generation of design practitioners, business owners, educators, policy makers, and enthusiasts.

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