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Alabhya Alan Narang

UX Strategist at ICEYE, Finland


Currently, I am working as an UX Strategist in aerospace industry based in Finland called ICEYE. We are building worlds first micro satellite SAR constellation for Unprecedented availability of reliable and timely Earth Observation Data. As UX Strategist I am responsible for creating strategies and designing solutions for data delivery geo portals and satellite operations software. Previously had two startups in Prague and Copenhagen.

UX in Space

18 min TED like Talk | Category: Experiences for Emergent Tech | Target Audience: User experience professionals seeking new opportunities in space industries, learning new method and approaches.

User Experience has always been talked about in relation with brand, product, website, application and so on in various field, but rarely related to space industry. In January, we successfully completed a historic landmark in aerospace by becoming the first organization in the world to launch a micro SAR satellite under 100kg. As a new space company, we pay attention to every detail.

My focus area is how UX plays an important role inside an aerospace industry. Working on Projects such as satellite ordering systems, operations software, satellite swath planning systems has made me realise a new side of user experience and designing.

Three key takeaways:

  1. UX Strategies for space industry.
  2. Mission critical design approach.
  3. New era of conceptualisation products for earth observation sector.


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