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Aparajito Sengupta

UX Manager at Infostretch Corporation, India


My strength is looking at things from a very detailed point of view where Usability and Aesthetics unite to form proper experience across all platforms and media.

I have played roles of UX Manager, Designer, Art Director, Visualiser in IT companies and Advertising Agencies. As I have seen the paradigm shift in UX approach, my strength is to add values in terms of Design thinking and approach to User Centered Design.

User Experience Approach in Virtual Realm

Immersive Demo Sessions (30min) | Target Audience:  Enterprises exploring Virtual Reality to improve / extend their Customer experience; Organisations looking to leverage Virtual Reality in their business operations /Sales.

Through this Virtual Reality Demo, we have reimagined the customer experience in the future through virtual interfaces.

Store Experience:
Using a Retail Store as the setting, the experience allows user to view the products in the store while sitting in the comfort of home. Users can gaze at products to view the details of various products. User can select appropriate size, colour according to their specifications using the VR interface and place an order for them to complete their buying experience.

Home Experience:
The user is shown a scenario of Home through a kitchen setting where he can gaze at different objects to get further information about the products by gazing on it. The user can view details of different products present in that setting. For example, in kitchen the user will be able to see information like nutritional value, price for various products used in the kitchen. The VR interface allows user to order the products as well as know the shipping information for that product if already ordered.

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