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Aurobinda Pradhan

Co-Founder & CExO for PeepalDesign, India


Alumni of IITB, IIMB. Over 16 years of experience in designing and managing UX projects. International trainer for UX-PM (www.ux-pm.com)

Visualizing User Journeys: A Quest for Shared Vision

3 hrs Workshop | Category: Design Practice & Process | Target Audience: This workshop is open to anyone with a interest in designing seamless experiences such as  UX/Service Designers; UX Researchers; Product Managers and Project Managers.

Customers are increasing taking advantage of the options provided by technology, to choose the time, place and nature of their interactions with an products and/or service. This break down of traditional boundaries makes managing these interactions complex especially since customers expect stable context and adaptable content no matter where they are.

In this workshop participants will learn about the key steps involved in laying the right foundations for designing seamless experiences. They will also get the opportunity to work on realistic case studies & exercises.

Three key takeaways:

1.     Develop a shared understanding of users and the journey they undertake in pursuit of their goals.
2.     Visualizing the desired state.
3.     Create a UX roadmap: Know where, how much and when to invest.

Rough outline of your workshop:

1. Ecosystem Mapping – Start with the big picture.
2. Personas – Taking a walk in your customer’s shoes.
3. Journey Mapping.

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