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Dan Harrelson

Dan Harrelson

Vice President of UX Design at Informatica, United States


I lead organizations to deliver compelling experiences based on empathy with end users.

I have been working at the intersection of design, development and business for over 20 years. As a thought-leader in user experience (UX) and technology, I help teams envision and build the products their customers want. My expertise influences product design across many platforms such as mobile, consumer electronics, kiosks, television, and web applications.

Bringing a unique tech perspective to product design, I love to help teams solve difficult problems. From vetting concepts for feasibility to testing them with rapid prototyping, my work drives product success for industry leaders around the globe. Some of my past clients include HP/Palm, Zappos, FedEx, Sun, Visa, Art.com, Western Union, Rackspace, Mozilla, Apple, Vanguard, Charles Schwab, and SanDisk.

An engaging speaker and advocate for the use of technology in UX design, I actively promote user-centered design concepts to developers. My presentations and articles have been featured at Predix Transform, Box Developer Conference, UX Intensive, UX Week, MIX, Agile 2008 and Agile Roots.

The four pillars of a UX organization

30 min Keynote Talk | Category: Business design, social impact, inclusive design 

Based on learnings from his decades working in UX design and product development, Dan will walk through the four pillars which help UX organizations succeed.

This talk is targeted at experienced design leaders and aspiring leaders alike. You will reflect on the capabilities of your current UX organization and understand the opportunities for growth.

Drawing from real-world case studies Dan describes how design teams both in consumer and enterprise turn empathetic user understanding into valuable products.

Three key takeaways:

  1. UX organization design for your company.
  2. Process, talent and tools to level-up your team.
  3. Evidence to convince stakeholders to make change.

Also participating as: Panelist at “Design Leadership”

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