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UXINDIA 18 Speaker

Daria Tarawneh

Senior UX designer at Amazon, Germany


Daria is a data-driven User Experience designer at Amazon Web Services in Berlin, Germany. She specializes in agile prototyping, qualitative and quantitative research and user-centric design. Prior to joining Amazon, she worked at various companies in several parts of the world such as New Zealand and Japan. Her experience spans across multiple industries such as open market platform, automation processes, IoT, gaming and cloud-based services.

UX on Steroid! Designing for B2B in an enterprise

18 min TED like Talk | Category: Design Practice & Process  | Target Audience: UX designer, UX managers.

User Experience is a unique form of art. Designers need to be excellent jugglers. They need to be able to balance business needs, technical constrains while being super communicators and strategically manage conflict. This gets even harder while working in an enterprise or for a B2B solution. For that, they should be able to add some guidelines and process in order for them to know when to be pragmatic and where to insist on high standards to achieve high UX ROI. In this talk I will go over some of these methods that can be used as a baseline and make sure that even in fast pace environment we are still thinking about users while keeping an eye on return of investment of our effort.

Three key takeaways

  1. What are the methods to be used to set UX baseline for your product
  2. How to employ working backward methods to achieve human centric products in a B2B-enterprise environment
  3. How to measure ROI for your UX effort to know what to tackle first


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