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Devyani M. Lal

Devyani M. Lal

Research &Strategy Lead at Tata Elxsi, India


I am leading Research & Strategy at Tata Elxsi, I design research methods specific to challenges, clients, product or services.

My design practice has evolved over the years, with a bend towards participatory design methods and design for debate. I design, innovate and implement unique research methods and co- creative practices aimed at strategy, product and service design solutions. I am currently heading Research and Strategy team at Tata Elxsi. My vision is to identify opportunities in obstacles, leap through barriers and continue tinkering with my team.

Mindful Design Practice 2.0

3 hrs Workshop (Half Day hands on) | Category: Design Practice & Process | Target Audience: Designers, UX researchers, Thinkers, Persons. (This workshop is ideal for participants from various backgrounds, who would like to tinker with their age old process of thinking/ creation. We would want them to have a shot at redesigning the design process).

The workshop will entail a co-creative series of improve, creative thinking, mindful design exercises. We make our own model and design our workshop tool kits, which can be applied in context with empathy, human factors and essentially UX. Our tool kits are designed with its aim to amplify the creative problem solving of every employee, stripping away the barriers that years of education and work experience have built up that prevent us from just thinking differently.

Rough outline of your workshop:

  1. Through this workshop, we aim to develop, sharpen and build a design practice with intersections of Design, Business and mindfulness; addressing the evolving humanistic predispositions and points of perception like: How we think, emote, infer and act.
  2. At the same time, we aim to discuss few thought provoking aspects of information consumption and together; co-creatively we will steer towards mindful design practice.

Three key takeaways:

  1. To eliminate prejudices.
  2. Understand and appreciate diversity in thinking.
  3. Persevere to Listen, think & share (How we Think, emote, act) and can be aware of our surroundings.
  4. Openness and acceptance to differences and different people it is important to know what are we trying to do here. We are a bunch of creative thinkers, designers, tinkerers who aim to accomplish solutions to our basic / everyday challenges we face, with primary aim to maximize the ease in life, functioning etc. But amidst our google maps, social medias, health trackers…we have voluntarily adhered to certain dependencies, constraints, … hence it’s safe to say, with the ease of life, we have introduced more restraints towards our future leanings; a quality of life. So, we urge you to put your phones away, or fit bits or digital watches… you may skip one or two tweets by trump, But I assure you… it’s going to be worth your time.

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