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Jeffery Dernbach

Jeffery Dernbach

Senior Interaction Designer at T-Mobile, United States


Jeff is a user experience strategist focusing on design for extraordinary users for non-office based users and environments. Currently designing and researching for T-Mobile in an agile design team creating the future of communications software.

AI problem solving using Agile UX within co-located teams

30 min Case study | Category: Design Practice & Process | Target Audience: UX professionals across the design spectrum, talk is relevant for junior to senior level designers with experience in all industries.

User experience plays a frontline role as machines and artificial intelligence becomes more pervasive in our lives. Positive and ethical design will help the natural world make better choices in the digital world. User Experience professionals are often asked to solve complex problems in very concise amounts of time. Often as designers we don’t fully get to explore solutions and validate if an idea is really a good idea. The classic we could but should we?

In software development co-locating teams is a way to leverage production cost and timelines, and gain a bigger impact in natural intelligence applied to artificial intelligence to solve problems. Agile UX as it relates to design is one process that we have used to influence a more positive outcome while developing apps using co-located design teams.

Three key takeaways:

  1. How UX can work in an Agile process?
  2. How UX works with co-located teams?
  3. Why this is a great model for design and development in the SDLC process?


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