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UXINDIA 18 Speaker

Madhumita Gupta

Sr UX Manager of IT at Honeywell Technologies Services, India


Madhumita is an experienced design leader in the field of digital design and strategy. She is currently heading the design team of IT division within Honeywell, India. She calls herself a convert with degrees in Science, Computers, and Design, which has taught her to think logically and aesthetically to solve complex design problems. She is an experienced speaker who enjoys
roping in her audience to build stories around design during training, workshops, and conferences like SWE. She is one of the creators of the heuristics for AI driven UX design to be presented in the talk and would be sharing her story on how it is adopted in her organization.

AI & UX Convergence

30 min Case study | Category: Experiences for Emergent Tech  | Target Audience: UX practitioners, product owners, business leaders interested in emergent tech (No prior knowledge of AI needed).

With the advent of disruptive technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI) with machine learning algorithms, the designers are once again geared up to redefine next-gen user experiences for humankind. Despite the speculation, if AI is a friend or a foe in the robotic evolution, there are industry case studies which prove AI can serve humanity in everyday activities, offer personalized experiences. The question is “how can we design meaningful, frictionless, individualized experiences in an era with AI-driven products & services?” It is essential to ask the fundamental question of how can AI augment the user need, instead of using technology for the sake of it, thereby understanding the challenges which lie in AI-driven experiences. In this session, we will share how we have approached the convergence of AI and UX, focused on end-to-end customer journey, identified touch points and opportunity areas to create user- centric predictive enterprise solutions in IT and Aerospace.

Three key takeaways:

  1. Understand how AI has been serving personalized experiences in industry.
  2. UX approaches to design AI-driven experiences in Honeywell.
  3. Learnings and best practices in creating user-centric predictive enterprise solutions in IT and Aerospace.

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