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UXINDIA 18 Speaker

Mohit Goel

User Experience Designer at Keypoint Technologies Pvt LtD


An IIT Delhi Design graduate, a full time Experience Designer & doer of part time PhD in Design in the field of AI, VR, AR, Next Billion People. I am interested in Behavior science and how this knowledge can be used to make experiences more delightful and humane. I have been using cartooning to upscale my design to more contextual and engage the team on a common surface. A profound shift is happening on the Virtual Reality. From a focus on popularity and immediacy to a focus on relevance and personalization, this immersive demo session will showcase consumption of content driven experience for a group of people simultaneously. They much prefer Filters. Design. In the future, this setup can also extend a design to fully customize it to a specific brand or look and feel, and developers can extend a layout filter. Methodologies based upon modes of interactions ( gaze based, head movement and possible physical clues in near future) will be explored and improvised.

Immersive Demo Sessions (30min) | Target Audience:  A new way to experience Virtual Reality collectively. This experience connects humans in virtual world. People from any age can experience this experience. Gen Y would find it very engaging though with familiarity for old Gen cohort.


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