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Przemyslaw Chrosniak

Przemyslaw Chrosniak

Data Analyst at Allegro, Poland


Przemek has the experience in different technologies of data analysis. Before Allegro, he has been working for Naspers company.

How not to drown in the ocean of qualitative and quantitative data?

30 min Case study | Category: Raising the game (Inspiring stories, case studies, etc) | Target Audience: Professionals. UX researchers, designers, product managers from big organizations – having to do with big data.

Exploratory research is challenging as it is. When we add different types of data sources, we get the messy ocean of information we need to make sense of. How can we integrate the usability testing takeaways with the big data? Survey responses with traffic? And get reliable conclusions, we can further use for applying changes in product design? These are the problems, which we faced as we were changing the layout of Allegro – the 6th largest e-commerce platform in Europe, which holds the 50% of polish market shares of online shopping. Let us take you through our journey, learn on our mistakes and show you the framework for effective collaboration of UX researchers, data analysts and product managers, which will make your product better.

Three key takeaways

  1. The need of integration of big data and qualitative takeaways for the reliable
    research conclusions
  2. The framework of working with different source of data (and different types of
    people delivering it)
  3. The need for conclusions to be easily transformed into changes in the product

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