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UXINDIA 18 Speaker

Sayali Lonkar

Principal Experience Designer at YUJ Designs Pvt. Ltd, India


Sayali is truly a passionate designer who believes, Ease of use may be invisible, but its absence sure isn’t.
Working with YUJ Designs for 5 years, she has successfully delivered complex projects across multiple domains and led teams from small to large. Have led long term client engagements as well. She is enthusiastic, versatile and creative designer whose core interest is human cognition. She likes to create meaningful solutions based on strong insights.

Rewriting the brain: with design and technology

3 hrs Workshop | Category: Experiences for Emergent Tech | Target Audience: Design professionals, Developers, Technology Experts.

The human brain is the softest and the most malleable part of the human body. Over the years research has shown how the brain has developed and adapted to its changing environment. At a microcellular level, the complex network of nerve cells that make up the important parts of the brain, actually change in response to certain experiences and stimuli.

In the workshop we will be discussing the advancements in technology, brain pattern changes, and their impact. A good example of this kind of change is, the emergence of reading encouraged our brains to be focused and imaginative. In contrast, the rise of the Internet is strengthening our ability to scan information rapidly and efficiently. As designers and technologists its our responsibility to understand the implications of our creations and how to use our skills to create the right stimuli.

Rough outline of your workshop:

  1. 30 mins – Setting up a context.
  2. 30 mins – Activity.
  3. 30 mins – Interactive session.
  4. 30 mins – Sharing more knowledge.
  5. 30 mins – Activity.
  6. 30 mins – Sum up.

Three key takeaways:

  1. Learning about the human cognition and stimuli that impacts the brain.
  2. How to embed them in our designs.
  3. How to create socially responsible designs.

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